Details About Shrimps

Shrimp can be described as any animal that lives on the ocean floor. Shrimp live in reef and sand flats, but also in the open water, in coastal marshes, in mangroves, in the coastal zone, even in freshwater lakes. These animals are known by many names: sea worms, sand worms, mud worms and sand lice among many others. Shrimps can also be called the most common living organisms in the world.

Shrimp have elongated bodies, with a mostly swimming mode of movement – mostly on the bottom, and Carida and Dendrobanchiata are more narrow-bodied. There are two types of shrimp, namely the freshwater and saltwater shrimp. The freshwater shrimp are more delicate, while the saltwater shrimp are larger and stronger. There are about 200 species of shrimp in the world. However, the most commonly found shrimp are Dendrobanchiata and Carida.Find additional information at shrimp near me.

Shrimp are very much related to fishes, since they can breathe air and have gills that allow them to breathe in water. The only difference between shrimps and fishes is that they live underwater. The scientific classification of shrimps is classified into three groups: the Caudatae, the Ichthyofauna and the Neocaridacea. The Ichthyofauna is more closely related to fishes than it is to shrimps. All other groups are classified in the class known as the Carida. Shrimps are also grouped into the class named after their type: Cephalopoda, Acanthocharis, Cyanea and Chelia.